About Me


Who Am I? 

Becky HeronFirst of all thank you for visiting my website and I hope your psychic reading brings clarity to your burning questions.

I am one of a long line of natural psychics, mediums & clairvoyants that descended from the famous clairvoyant Katherine Fawe, whowas among the first Romani folk to arrive in Shetland in the early 17th Century. My mother Thora, a third generation tarot card reader first recognised my gift when I was only 3 or 4 years old. I knew I was different, but I just didn’t know why. She told me how naturally gifted I was and she helped me develop as a person and a psychic, medium & clairvoyant. She also helped me become more aware of those in need of help and guidance via psychic readings.

As I grew up in Anglesey, North Wales, my psychic gift became stronger and it enabled me to help those around me in need of clarification regarding certain aspects of their life, be it love, relationship or solace issues. These psychic readings would be very personal and always remained private.

Over recent years, I have dedicated my whole life to providing psychic, medium and clairvoyant readings and as technology has advanced, it is meant that I can reach a far greater audience by providing phone and text readings. It has also helped me to establish a team of gifted, intuitive, trusted psychics, medium & clairvoyants, who are trained to the highest standard.

I take great pleasure in helping those in need of clarity and guidance via psychic phone or text readings. See­ing & feel­ing the joy of mak­ing that all impor­tant con­nec­tion with a loved one is a very fulfilling part of being a psychic.

Love & Light Xx