Swimming with Dolphins… are they psychic?

Swimming with Dolphins… are they psychic?

Last summer I was lucky enough to go to the Caribbean and I had the amazing opportunity to swim with Dolphins. This was the first time I have ever done this and as a woman in her 30’s and it being on my bucket list I took up the opportunity. To be honest I was a bit scared initially going into the water and sharing it with these large mammals; I felt like a little girl again needing protection from her parents. It was after a minute or so all this fear just mystically disappeared and I felt like these dolphins knew me, they understood my movements and I felt a psychic connection with them. It was like they could understand me and read my future movements before I made them.

Touching the Dolphins was initially a strange experience, when I first touched thedolphins-300x269m I was scared of hurting them and their skin felt strange and unfamiliar, it was after a few minutes I felt like all my troubles lifted away and felt a sense of healing as it was just me and them in the water. I always thought Dolphins were beautiful creatures but after my experience I thought what great psychic and spiritual powers they have and how wonderful it would be to help and heal those in need and an in need of clarity and understanding.


So… I was really interested to stumble across this article this morning…. which I thought I would share with you… I was intrigued by the fact that Dolphins with their psychic ability are able to ‘sense’ distressed swimmers and gone to their rescue from miles away…. I will make sure myself and my readers pass on our inner Dolphin psyche when you call ….


I look forward to sharing my gift with you…

Love and light…. Xxx



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