Tarot cards… new designs in Haiti


alice-smeets-brings-tarot-cards-to-life-on-the-streets-of-haiti-designboom-05I have always been a fan of using Tarot cards since an early age, obviously I am naturally lucky as someone who has a natural psychic ability which is a big source of comfort when I am faced with difficult decisions, however, my friends often used tarot to help them make difficult decisions and when I am not around. I was always fascinated by the beauty of the cards and art work, so it really interested me today to find this article which is shows a photographer who has gone to Haiti and tried to recreate the Tarot card pictures. What a beautiful job this photographer has done and how wonderful that spirituality and the use of tarot can promote the inner psychic for everyone no matter where you are in the world.


As always my readers and myself look forward to hearing from you and sharing our psychic abilities to bring you light….



Love and light…. Xxx


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