Phone Readings

A large number of our customers hcandlesave pressing questions that just can’t be answered fully in a text, this is why we offer a phone reading service. A phone reading gives you a lot more detail and allows our psychics to give you a far more in-depth reading and insight into the questions you are asking. Sometimes our customers want a general reading and want to know what the future holds. Whilst other customers want to know about specific relationships or want to contact loved ones they have lost. We have a number of spiritual mediums that are able to contact loved ones from the spirit world and channel their messages through. Our experienced spiritual mediums are able to contact the spirit world and allow spirits to speak through them or pass messages on to the spirits.

What I believe makes my psychics so special at Becky Heron is that the they are all carefully chosen for their unique qualities and that is why different psychic readers may give you a reading in a different way, some use Tarot cards, some use Angel cards, others prefer astrology and some are spiritualist mediums, however all have natural psychic abilities and gifts which can help you move forward in your path and help you see the light. So get inspired… give them a ring… and see what the future holds. Follow these three easy steps… Don’t forget Becky Heron’s Psychic readers are friendly and sensitive to your needs.

Love & Light Xx


All of Becky Heron’s online phone readers have a natural gift. Some use spirit guides and some use tarot cards plus other well known abilities to help guide you regarding Love, Relationships and Career. You can read more about each gifted reader by visiting the My Team page.

We are a small business and therefore need to keep our costs down, so that we can give you the best possible service. In order to help us do this, please bookmark this site on your web browser (Internet Explorer / Firefox / Chrome etc) or search Becky Heron so that we can avoid paying the high Google advertising costs. Thank you!

Becky Heron’s psychic readings are available using the following methods:

Phone a Psychic – Premium Rate Phone Readings:

• Call 0905 276 0022 to pay on your phone bill.
• Pay by Credit Card Phone Readings:
• Mobiles Call 0203 284 172 & use your free bundled minutes
• Landlines Call: 800 096 5787 (freephone)
• Outside UK Call: +44 20 3284 1727

Lines are open 24 hours a day and you can choose your reader from the Live Reader Panel above, listen to who is online when you call any of the numbers above or read about them on the About page.

* Freephone numbers are NOT free from mobiles.

0905 calls cost only 82p per minute plus network extras. Credit Card calls cost £20 for 20 minutes, £27 for 30 or £32 for 40. See below for full terms & conditions.

Something on your mind?

Example questions for when you call our gifted Psychics:

• Do they love me?
• Do they fancy me?
• Will I get together with …. ?
• How can I get them back?
• Are we suited for each other?
• Are they my soul mate?
• Will my career improve?
• When will I meet a new partner?
• Will I get a new job soon?
• Will my family ever understand?
• Becky Heron’s Psychic readers are friendly, experienced and sensitive to your needs.

Types of Phone Readings

Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Love Tarot Card, Angel cards, Astrology, Healing, Runes & Spirit Coaches

Why use the Becky Heron’s Pyschic phone services?

• Genuine experienced LIVE Psychics, Mediums & Clairvoyants
• Love, Relationship, Career guidance specialists
• 100% Confidential & discreet
• In depth readings
• Available 24/7 including ALL bank holidays
• Available on all devices
• NO subscriptions

Getting The Most Out of Your Phone Psychic Reading

Phone psychic readings are a wonderful way to get some piece of mind and some answers. Who knows what answers may be waiting for you right now. If you;ve ever been lucky enough to have a psychic phone reading from a truly gifted talented and compassionate psychic you will know what a wonderful experience it can be. Some of my customers, describe how they felt like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders and how the process of talking to a psychic on the phone is very cathartic. So many are left feeling that the benefits of psychic readings are enormous. They’re also a lot of fun!

There’s no limits to what you can ask and, as long as it’s legal, you can receive answers to just about anything you can think of. It something weighing on your mind? Would you like to receive warnings and messages from the other side? Maybe a spirit guide could help to supply messages you never even knew you needed.

What can I Ask a Live Psychic over the Phone?

Everyone is different and seeks different answers. Within reason feel free to ask a psychic anything you like.
A question about love? No problem!
How are your job prospects? A piece of cake!
Here are some great questions my customers frequently ask during my phone psychic consultations / readings:

• Am I making the right decision?
• Have I already met the love of my life?
• Will my partner propose?
• Are there any messages for me from the spirit world?
• Is a promotion on the horizon?
• Is my lover being unfaithful?

What’s so great about telephone psychic readings anyway?

First and foremost, piece of mind. You can get answers to your burning questions. When something is niggling away at you, and praying on your mind it can be quite debilatation. You might find it hard to get to sleep, or tricky to concentrate. A great psychic reading can clear your psychic channels and answer questions, allowing you to put to bed all that bad energy and move onwards into a brighter more relaxed tomorrow. Those answers can also help you determine whether a situation is worth sticking with or if you should move on. You no longer have to put your life on hold while you try to determine what to do.

In addition to these benefits, you can really find a confidant in a phone psychic who is talented and caring. When you can’t vent to the people in your life about a certain issue, a psychic can be a great resource. They are understanding and compassionate, perhaps even more than the typical person, because they have a greater understanding of human nature and worries than most people. These are just a few of the benefits you get when you have a phone psychic reading.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Reading

There are a few simple steps that can help you get the most out of your psychic reading.
1 Write down all the things you want to know or the questions you want to ask. This helps ensure that you don’t forget anything while you’re speaking with your psychic.
2 Be direct and honest with your psychic. Many skeptics take it upon themselves to try and “confuse” the psychic to prove them wrong. This can certainly interfere with messages and information the psychic is presented with, and it could make them feel as if you’re not the person the information is intended for even if you really are.
3 Take notes as your psychic is speaking. You don’t want to forget the details after you’ve gotten off the telephone. Since psychic readings can sometimes be emotional, it’s easy to forget little things. Taking notes helps you remember them more easily.
4 Come to the conversation with an open mind. Even if you have some healthy skepticism, it’s important to come to the reading with an open mind. Be ready to receive information and open yourself up to it. This will make the reading go smoothly and help the psychic receive information that is meant for you.
By keeping these tips in mind, you can get the most out of your reading and ensure that you get all of the information that you need to get – whether that information is coming from spirit guides, loved ones on the other side, etc.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by speaking with a psychic by telephone.